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Kordel's C Time Acid Free Tab 1000mg 150s+30s

Kordel's C Time Acid Free Tab 1000mg 150s+30s

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Product Description
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be made by the body and thus, must be obtained from one’s diet. C Time Acid Free 1000mg is a high strength non-acidic form of vitamin C, formulated with calcium ascorbate and citrus bioflavonoids. This form stays in the body longer than ordinary Vitamin C, an action that increases its effectiveness. The bioflavonoids contained in this formula help to improve the absorption and effectiveness of Vitamin C. Bioflavonoids are natural compounds in Vitamin C and enhance its use in the body. They work synergistically to protect and preserve the structure of capillary blood vessels.

Being non-acidic, C Time Acid Free 1000mg is ideal for those with sensitive stomachs and those who cannot tolerate the acidic form of Vitamin C. It minimizes the risk of stomach upset or discomfort indications.
Mild infections and respiratory ailments.
Tissue repair and wound healing.
Ideal for smokers, chronic alcoholics, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, all of whom need larger amounts of this essential vitamin.

Direction for Use    
Take 1 tablet daily with meal.

Each tablet contains: 

Calcium Ascorbate 1000mg
Bioflavonoids 100mg
Rutin 50mg
Hesperidin 25mg

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