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Vitahealth Charge-up Liveli 50mlx10s

Vitahealth Charge-up Liveli 50mlx10s

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Product Description
VitaHealth CHARGE-UP® Liveli is a botanical nutritive tonic featuring LiverGuard™ unripe green jujube extract in refreshing apple flavor for liver regeneration and body nourishment.

Supports liver health
Protects against hangover
Prevents toxin overload

Direction for Use    
Shake well before drinking.
Adults – Take 1 bottle, once daily, after a meal.

Each bottle contains purified water, fructose, LiverGuard™ jujube extract liquid, apple juice, royal jelly, artichoke, vitamin C, citric acid, black date flavouring, plum flavouring and Jiaogulan.

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