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Vitahealth Kids Multivits+ Lysine & Inulin 120ml

Vitahealth Kids Multivits+ Lysine & Inulin 120ml

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Product Description
VitaHealth Kids Multivits + Lysine & Inulin is a nutritional syrup which fills the nutritional gaps in growing children, enabling them to achieve good health.

12 essential nutrients
Supports children’s health
Orange-flavoured syrup

Direction for Use    
Children 1-4 years old − 2.5ml, once daily.
Children >4 years old − 5ml, once daily.

After a meal or as recommended by a doctor or pharmacist.

Each 5ml syrup contains:

Vitamin A    1000IU
Vitamin B1    535mcg
Vitamin B2    0.6mg
Vitamin B3    6mg
Vitamin B6    494mcg
Vitamin B12    1mcg
Vitamin C    20mg
Vitamin D3    150IU
Vitamin E    5IU
Folic Acid    60mcg
Lysine    96mg
Inulin    20mg

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